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There are millions of dog products out there. Here’s what has worked and what has failed for this dog and her desperate owner.

Fun ID Tags



This is the one I ordered for Nala.

Product: Dog Tag at Dog Tag Art

Claim: Fun customizable and durable dog ID tags.

Where to Buy: On-line. See link above.

Price: Around $12.00 plus a couple bucks shipping.

Did it Work?: We will soon find out. I just ordered it today. Will update later.


Color graphics on front.

4 lines of text on back

Guaranteed for life

Easy to Read.

I wanted something fun for Nala, and more durable than those I usually buy in the pet stores. I have to replace them often because Nala is so active outside that her tags quickly become unreadable.

Is it a Keeper?: I hope so… will update later.




Top Paw Chrome Pinch Training Collar


Product: Chrome Pinch Training Collar

Image taken from Petsmart Website

Claim: Training device when worn under supervision. Distributes correction pressure evenly around the pet’s neck.

Not to be used with a tie-out.

Where to Buy: Just about anywhere. I purchased at Petsmart.

Price: $18.99 at Petsmart. I did find it for about $12 at Theisens much later, however. Price varies by size.

Did it Work?: Yes.


Okay, so it looks scary. But after training classes, a harness, a choke collar, and a gentle lead, I was forced by process of elimination to give this a try. Nala was STILL pulling. This was the answer. She was immediately more relaxed on the leash and I found that although this looks a little frightening, it is more humane than having a dog choke him/herself. With this collar the dog is making the decision not to pull because pulling equals discomfort. The prongs aren’t super sharp and even when I have had to yank a little to correct Nala, I did not find any marks on her neck.

In fact, Nala has come to LOVE this collar because it means we are going for a walk or run. And, since I’ve purchased it, I’ve noticed that a LOT of dogs are wearing this collar. It’s popular for a reason.

Is it a Keeper?: I’m not sure I could live without this collar.




Product: Poochie Bells

Image taken from Poochie Bells website

Claim: Train your dog to ring the bells to alert you that it needs to go outside. Easy way to house train a dog.

There is training help via written instructions with each set of bells and more details on the product website.

Where to Buy: On-line via Amazon, E-bay… you get the idea. I purchased mine at a mall kiosk. The above website has places where you can purchase by state. Very nice.

Price: $15.95 on Amazon. I purchased mine for around $13.00.

Did it Work?: In short: yes.

Details: They worked a little too well. After showing Nala how to ring the bells twice,  a monster was born. Every time there is a squirrel or rabbit outside, ring ring! Whenever she’s sick of the apartment and wants some new scenery, ring ring! So she is very clear what they mean… outside.

I have read some on-line reviews that claim the reviewers’ dogs don’t like them, or can’t get the idea. Every dog is different. Nala catches on to most things very quickly so we had luck fast. Plus, she was over eight months old when she learned to use them, not a 12 week old puppy. I’m sure a puppy needs some more time.

Is it a Keeper?: Still hanging by the back door. Sure, the user sometimes abuses them, but I can’t see her by the back door when she wants out, so they have become a slightly annoying necessity.



Product: The Thundershirt

Claim: The product hugs the dog’s body to make the dog feel safe. It claims to have been a proven cure for overactive dogs and any form of anxiety, including separation anxiety, and even some aggression. It is supposed to work 80% of the time.

Where to Buy: On-line. Also carried by Petco and Petsmart (which is what convinced me it must me legitimate). I purchased mine at Petsmart. The lady at the counter confirmed that if it did not work, I could return it.

Price: $39.95. Be sure to consider tax and / or shipping

Did it Work?: I was surprised that Nala did not freak out when I put this on her. She seemed happy in it. However, keep in mind that she is not a freak show. She normally chews on bones and plays with toys on her own. Her biggest bursts of energy are when other dogs are involved, which was not the case when I put this on her. She lived in it for a couple hours. Then I put her in her crate. I hoped it would stop the barking, as some people claimed in a few of the reviews, which is why I purchased it. It did not.

Is it a Keeper?: I’ll be taking this back. I can’t justify even $40 for something that isn’t really doing anything. If they don’t give me a full refund, I’m sure I’ll be back here flipping out on my keyboard.