Fun ID Tags



This is the one I ordered for Nala.

Product: Dog Tag at Dog Tag Art

Claim: Fun customizable and durable dog ID tags.

Where to Buy: On-line. See link above.

Price: Around $12.00 plus a couple bucks shipping.

Did it Work?: We will soon find out. I just ordered it today. Will update later.


Color graphics on front.

4 lines of text on back

Guaranteed for life

Easy to Read.

I wanted something fun for Nala, and more durable than those I usually buy in the pet stores. I have to replace them often because Nala is so active outside that her tags quickly become unreadable.

Is it a Keeper?: I hope so… will update later.




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  1. So far so good on this tag! It stays clean and no scratches so far (this is saying a lot considering Nala’s very active run-through-the-trees lifestyle). And, in addition, we’ve gotten plenty of compliments on it : )

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