Spray Sense No Bark Collar


This image was taken from Amazon.com

Product: Spray Sense No Bark Collar

Claim: Curbs excessive barking by spraying citronella on the dog when activated by the vibrations of a bark. Dogs are supposed to hate this smell and eventually realize that bark equal spray.

Where to Buy: Petco. Amazon. Pet supply sites.

Price: I paid over $60 at Petsmart but I have found it on Amazon.com for half this price.

Did it Work?: No.


I purchased this to curb Nala barking while in her crate when I was away. However, Nala does not dislike water and that in addition to her anxiety made this collar nothing more than a nice air freshener. It is, however, a very humane option over a shock collar if it works, which is exactly why I bought it.

I ended up giving it to a fiend who had a dog that was bully barking (barking at owners or other dogs for attention). She said it was pretty funny to see the dog sprayed for the first time, but eventually the dog cared more about barking than not getting a douse of orange smelling spray in the face.

Is it a Keeper?: Not for this dog.


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