Top Paw Chrome Pinch Training Collar


Product: Chrome Pinch Training Collar

Image taken from Petsmart Website

Claim: Training device when worn under supervision. Distributes correction pressure evenly around the pet’s neck.

Not to be used with a tie-out.

Where to Buy: Just about anywhere. I purchased at Petsmart.

Price: $18.99 at Petsmart. I did find it for about $12 at Theisens much later, however. Price varies by size.

Did it Work?: Yes.


Okay, so it looks scary. But after training classes, a harness, a choke collar, and a gentle lead, I was forced by process of elimination to give this a try. Nala was STILL pulling. This was the answer. She was immediately more relaxed on the leash and I found that although this looks a little frightening, it is more humane than having a dog choke him/herself. With this collar the dog is making the decision not to pull because pulling equals discomfort. The prongs aren’t super sharp and even when I have had to yank a little to correct Nala, I did not find any marks on her neck.

In fact, Nala has come to LOVE this collar because it means we are going for a walk or run. And, since I’ve purchased it, I’ve noticed that a LOT of dogs are wearing this collar. It’s popular for a reason.

Is it a Keeper?: I’m not sure I could live without this collar.



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  1. I had never used one before. I had tried those gentle leads that go around the nose but when I put one on Nala she threw herself to the ground and refused to walk at all. I was sure she would get over it, so I waited. No good. Then I tried again a few days later, same result. I realized I wasn’t going to win this one. Nala: 1 point.

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